Online Marketing Crock Pot #15: Diversifying Affiliate Income

by Lisa Picarille on August 20, 2013

Online Market Crock Pot co-hosts Lisa Picarille and Todd Famer discussed how affiliates can diversify their income with ebooks, consulting gigs and more. They also touched on time management – especially in the summer – when the kiddos are at home. The two also lamented their lack of camp experience as youths of the 70’s and new kids camp culture.

There was also a shout out to Kim Rowley for winning the best costume at ASE13 at the ShareASale part at the Hard Rock Café. Elvis, baby! In addition, Missy Ward rocked it as Slash’s twin.


And there was another shout out to Greg Hoffman and Eric Nagel (not just for their cool Blues Brothers costume) but for the spirit of affiliate marketing friendships and their road trip to Philly to ASE13.


Todd’s shameless self promotion was about how he can take care of details for clients and other online marketers. Check him out.

And Lisa’s availability to do some extra consulting.

The after show chatter was mostly about Lisa’s manual labor and ripping out rugs without having to go to the hospital despite her klutzy ways.

Lisa and Todd are still arguing about how many listeners they have. So, if you listen to the show, comment or send us a tweet. @toddfarmer and @lisap

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