Online Marketing Crock Pot #14: The Barn Raisers Episode

by Lisa Picarille on August 13, 2013

The Online Marketing Crock Pot is back in full swing after summer breaks, road trips and too much fast food (yuck). Co-host Lisa Picarille and Todd Farmer have a spirited discussion about a recent article in Lisa thinks it irresponsibly paints all of affiliate marketing with a broad brush of fraud, while Todd agrees with many of the points and believes that it’s clear that it is purposefully trying to elicit responses with provocative headline. Whatever. Listen to the debate and if you’re inclined please comment directly on the article.


Lisa and Todd also talk about:

Todd’s road trip with Kendal and his penchant to photos of barns

The pros and cons of Rakuten buying Popshops
 and a little love for FMTC’s new CEO.

Todd’s affiliate summit video and pink eye

Plus a quick shout out to the best Wine Club Reviews site in the world, as Todd would say.

After the show we chatted about Lisa’s proud manual labor efforts and a hodgepodge of other things including Lisa’s fav new show, Maron. She’s late to the party but highly recommends it.

Marc Maron’s podcast

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