Get Something Done with the October Challenge #clickmillionaires

by Scott Fox on September 23, 2013

We had a great “October Challenge Kickoff 2013” episode of Video Office Hours last week!

Click Millionaires from around the world joined host Scott Fox for the live webcast and podcast.  October Challenge 200

We had a fun time discussing the rules of the October Challenge, how to pick a good project for the Challenge, the budget most people use, and especially a lot of real-life examples of successful October Challenges (both past and present).

Learn more about the October Challenge here (and how you can participate for free).

Won’t you tune in to enjoy this 1 hour podcast?

It will help inspire you to get things done that can help accelerate your success as a Click Millionaire, too.

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Was this episode helpful to you?

Any follow-up questions?

Most importantly, have you posted your October Challenge in the lifestyle business coaching forum yet?

Thanks for listening!

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