Multi-Level Marketing meets the Internet (Podcast Interview)

by Scott Fox on April 27, 2012

Multilevel Marketing is a big opportunity for you online.  Or is it?

I have to admit that I’ve always been skeptical about multilevel marketing (MLM) and network marketing. 

Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg, MLM Expert

Selling overpriced products to friends and family sounds more likely to lead to uncomfortable situations than easy money.

But I’ve been hearing that MLM has found new life online…

So for this new Click Millionaires Show podcast I interviewed MLM expert, Ann Sieg, to help us dig up the TRUTH about legitimate network marketing and MLM business opportunities online today.

Network Marketing: The Truth About MLM Podcast Interview

If you’ve spent any time researching business opportunities, you’ve likely come across network marketing (also known as multilevel marketing or direct selling) more than once.

The MLM industry is good at attracting aspiring sellers with promises of easy earnings and exciting prizes for top sellers.

Multi-Level Marketing has become Internet Marketing

Click Millionaires RadioBut, like so many other industries, multilevel marketing has become Internet marketing.  

Today successful network marketers don’t just beg their family members to buy more cosmetics or prepaid services.  They increasingly use cost-effective Internet marketing to promote legitimate products that provide real value.

Listen to this free Click Millionaires Radio podcast to:

  • meet Ann Sieg, a millionaire MLM success story
  • learn how to identify the best money-making MLM products today
  • use the most important Internet marketing tools
  • hear how Ann went from zero to over $10 Million in network marketing sales
  • discover what to avoid if you want to make money in MLM today
  • and more!

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