Affiliate Buzz #284 – Mobile Marketing Comes Into Focus

by James Martell on April 25, 2013

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James, founder of The School of Internet Marketing and host of the Affiliate Buzz, talks with Arlene about how technology is changing how affiliates need to conduct business. They explain how most emails, social media, and Internet connections are now checked on through smartphones and tablets, making the traditional PC a little dusty. It’s a huge market, and it’s here to stay due to the convenience.

You will hear how affiliates need to be ready for the mobility these devices provide throughout the industry. Also, learn how and why you need to be available with mobile technology…and be able to be found through mobile devices. James and Arlene know the importance of making sure websites are mobile-friendly…not just the ability to find you.

They explain that if your site is not easy to navigate around and cumbersome to explore, visitors most likely won’t stick around…specially to make a purchase.

Creating a Mobile-friendly Version of Your Website

Find out how you can create a great mobile version of your site, with many of the same features, but easy to use on a mobile device. James and Arlene share how they use a service from, where you can find WordPress themes, as well as multiple mobile themes to choose from…after all, at least 25% of a site’s traffic is probably using mobile devices to surf around.

They go on to explain the low cost of achieving this, and how important it is for your visitors…such as:

  • Navigation
  • Making purchases
  • Contacting you

Also mentioned in this episode is, which specializes in mobile offers…offers that convert well on mobile devices.

Upcoming Courses to Look for

They end this episode with sharing news on a few of their upcoming and exciting courses, on this topic of mobile marketing, and many more. These courses consist of experts in the field speaking on important topics on the School of Internet Marketing, as well as other upcoming episodes on Affiliate Buzz.

Don’t miss out on the vast amount of information that James and Arlene, as well as others have to share to help your business soar.

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