Missing This Podcast May Require a Note from FEMA! Fantasy Sports Geeks #24

by Eric Souza on December 8, 2012

It was a playoff edition of Fantasy Sports Geeks! Episode 24 was a lot of fun, with Wade Tonkin, Eric Souza and Nate Smith.

  • Jill couldn’t make  it – Nikki home sick, poor thing.
  • Jed’s wife’s car broke so he wasn’t able to join us. Didn’t want to face retribution by doing podcast instead of saving his wife. Probably a good choice.
  • Wade was going to bust people’s chops about excuses, but since this was his first podcast since the draft, he decided it wouldn’t be appropriate.
  • No reason Vinny shouldn’t be on. He’s top seed with bye week … should be nothing more important than doing this podcast!
  • Wade suggests getting a FEMA note to miss any future episodes
  • Wade Tonkin and his Florida Lightning team also have bye week. He lucked because he had forgotten to set lineup. He’ll use this week to nurse any problematic groin pulls.
  • CoffeeNate lamented the poor quality of the McDonald’s WiFi, as we had some difficulty hearing him clearly.
  • Nate also lamented the loss of the scrap-hear pickup of Jacksonville’s  Cecil Shorts – another concussion casualty. “CLOWNS!”
  • Now facing decisions for running out his flex play for his playoff matchup against Not on Tommy’s Watch.
  • Going to go with Chris Givens against Buffalo with their horrid secondary.
  • Impressive use of “Sack” from Wade in reference to JAX QB Chad Henne to stand in the pocket and get smashed.
  • Eric is going to try to score tickets to the Seattle / San Francisco game on December 23. Wade says the outcome of this game, and eventually the NFC West, could depend on the Seattle defense with two of their top guys – Browner and maybe Sherman – out for PEDs.
  • Russell Wilson – could make a good cast for Wilson as the best of the Rookie QB class. Heck of a leader – came in and grabbed the job from Matt Flynn. “Freaky strong.” Good accuracy. Stud RB. Could be the guy in charge there for the next ten years.
  • Flynn will be a good trade piece. Get some nice draft picks out of him.
  • Never try to figure out what Pete Carroll and the Seahawks are going to do.
  • Don’t give a damn what Mel Kiper says.
  • Great game for a first experience at Century Link – engineered by Paul Allen and his team of acoustic engineers to channel some noise … that place is just crazy loud. Leading the league in false starts forced.
  • Reviewing matchups
  • Jason Hanson – the guy is ancient all the way back to when he kicked at Washington State
  • Eddie Murray and Jason Hanson – such longevity. Since 1980 Lions only used two kickers.
  • Monday night – New England v Houston – potential AFC Championship matchup?
  • How well will NE O-Line be able to perform?
  • Wade wants to see Brady take some hits.
  • Lions – never made it to the Super Bowl. Again, “CLOWNS!”
  • Two more weeks after this round. Week 15 will be semifinals and Week 16 will be for the winner
  • We’ll have a “Toilet Bowl” game as well … Mighty Flacco … Wade might get some prize together for the worst team.
  • Wade had what he thought was the worst draft, but finished in second place. However best draft (with Rashard Mendenhall in 10th round) was a total bust. Two toilet bowl appearances in other leagues.
  • Wade shares the traumatic experience of starting Mark Sanchez in the Affiliate Summit league last year, causing him to lose.
  • It’s all about making it to the playoffs … clean slate
  • Doing away with kickoffs?? Goodell really pushing it …
  • What’s more exciting than seeing these guys go back to take a kick? Some guys have made careers as big return guys. If league is under a lot of pressure regarding concussions, then fix the scheduling. Playing Thursday night games and considering adding another two games to schedule …
  • Ndamukong Suh … a low-class individual. Even if he didn’t mean it … given his past history it’s awfully hard to believe him. “I don’t think you UNintentionally kick another guy in the sack.”
  • Baseball discussion … winter meetings just ended. Where will Hamilton land? Seattle? What about Grienke and Swisher?
  • Mariners could benefit from Hamilton … need some guys who have been through the fights. Mariners have cleared some money off the books … Chone Figgins … but Mariners picked up Bay, who will have his $$ picked up by Mets. The trick with Seattle – gotta have guys who are OK with being there with the weather and long travel.
  • Also – Affiliate Summit coming up! Plus, ASE will be in Philadelphia … New York is really spendy, so having it someplace people want to go … Wade wants to do the two-fisted cheesesteaks. Plus, Philly, for the east coasters, access is easy with trains, etc. Other potential locations for future ASEs – Nashville, Memphis or New Orleans. Though if in New Orleans, “if we do it in New Orleans, we’d have to send out a patrol every morning to scrape the CPA network guys out of the gutters on Bourbon Street.”
  • When in Philly, the run for cheesesteaks will take the place of the street meat cart. At like 2 am – corner of 53rd and 6th.
  • When attending these events, an opportunity to travel and see fun cities and network in a relaxed place.
  • If you have a VIP pass, it’s great – can watch the videos after and take advantage of the time there to network and set up meetings.
  • Huge value – who you meet and get to spend time with.
  • Wade: As affiliate manager, if I hang out with you and chat – then later if you come to me with an idea or apply for a program … putting a name to a face is huge. Even if we can’t work together now, maybe down the road. Meet the people who are experienced.
  • Nighttime brainstorming … great chance to put heads together – different backgrounds … Drew Bennett with blogging, Daniel Clark with podcasting … etc … there’s a lot of value there. Meet some cool people who can help you out.
  • Some scholarships were given out as well … pretty impressive! Pay it forward scholarships … a lot of revenue they’re walking away from …
  • About learning as a group … find people you can work with. Whether Affiliate Summit, ShareASale’s ThinkTank, CJU … there are lots of cool opportunities to connect.
  • Get the chance to get plugged in.
  • Highly recommend the newcomer program if a first-timer to affiliate summit

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