JangroCast 9: Inbox Zero and Intensely Debating

by scott on February 19, 2009

Trying to get more frequent with podcasts requires not only jumping in and recording, but not getting bogged down with post-production. I’ll build up some proficiency there, but for now, we’re going raw.

Maybe if I can get these published early, I can catch your morning commute.

Covered in this podcast:

1. My podcasting inspiration in Merlin Mann, Sam Harrelson’s new Thinking.fm, GeekDads@Home, AffiliateThing, and Cast of Geeks (née GeekCast).

2. I went from tens of thousands of emails in my inbox several years ago down to zero today. It’s really not that difficult, and it is a wonderful place to be. Check out Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero video.


3. I’ve been doing a good bit of discussing in twitter about the virtues of third party blog comment systems such as Disqus and IntenseDebate

Twitter _ andrew wee_ @jangro +yr opinion on qua ....png

Twitter _ eprussakov_ @jangro Have you found Int ...-1.png

Are Disqus and Intense Debate still worth it? Aren’t blog’s own blog comment systems catching up and just as good? I share my thoughts.

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