Website Profits #1: Introducing a Show for Business Websites

by Justin Hitt on February 11, 2009

Screenshot Business Website StatisticsWelcome to this new radio program on, tentatively titled “Business Website Profits” where we’ll talk about the insights that build profits from your business website.

It’s all about increasing leads and sales from your business website, using the tools you already have to create better results in your business.

You’ll learn a little how to create results in your own business, the kinds of traffic you want, and how to find customers that buy from you.  Plus, I’ll touch on get back your life to spend more time with projects you enjoy.

This program is for the Business Website, NOT entertainment sites, NOT your Britney Spears’ fan site, NOT your Ring Tones site, … Instead this show is about your technology services site, selling your own services, and marketing your company.

In this call: You’ll discover a few insights about Google’s Long Tail focus, a theory on where search engine traffic is going for business-to-business websites. How the way search engines make money can REDUCE your traffic.

If you have questions about increasing business website profits, ask them in the comments below. Let’s cut through the hype of Internet marketing (and business marketing) to put money in your bank account.  Enjoy the show.

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