Introducing Online Marketing Crock Pot, from Lisa Picarille and Todd Farmer

by Todd Farmer on April 16, 2013

todd and lisa2This is a new, fun podcast from the Queen of Content, Lisa Picarille and her partner in crime, Todd Farmer.

In this “beta” edition of the Online Marketing Crock Pot (OMCP), Lisa and Todd discuss the show and have a little fun.

Although we have some plans for show format, segments and specific content, we wanted to launch the show without hand cuffing ourselves by requiring perfection first.

<sarcasm>As you may hear, perfection was pretty-much achieved in this first “beta” episode.  </sarcasm>

A couple formatting notes:

  • We’re keeping the show to 30 minutes.
  • Each show will be broken down into a few segments.
  • Segments may or may not repeat each week.
  • We’re creating a fun menu of different segments from which to choose.

Have ideas for segments?  We’d love to hear them.

What t0 expect from us in the Crock Pot?

First and foremost, we want you to have fun with us.  Sure, we’ll talk about some “serious” topics in Online Marketing — but our goal is be “the friends with whom you really enjoy talking about these topics”.

So many publications and productions in this business are so serious.

…but not us.

You won’t find us taking ourselves too seriously.

In this show, we’re going to experiment.  We want to have fun.  We think you do, too.

As Lisa says, we’re offering News, Knowledge and Knuckleheads.

Please join us in the crock pot.

…it’s warm!

 NOTE:  Since Lisa didn’t have time to upload the show, I took over some post-production and created a kick-ass, custom intro song.  😉  -Love, Todd

Show Links:

“Affiliate Marketing Crap Song” on Youtube

AffPlan – Public site

AffPlan’s Private Membership Site (Affiliate Marketing Training)



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