Interview with International Intrigue Author Robert Landori

by Deb Carney on October 19, 2012

Author Robert Landori joins BookGoodies hosts Deborah Carney and Karen Garcia to discuss writing, publishing and all things book related. Quite a fascinating story unfolds in our interview.

Robert is a Hungarian born author and international public accountant, and M&A specialist. He was once held in solitary confinement in Castro’s Cuba on espionage charges and now writes international thrillers.

Professionally, he is not allowed to divulge the details of the experiences he has harvested during years of living in the secretive environment of commercial chicanery, international intrigue and double dealing. So he fictionalizes them to share them with his readers.

Mayhem on the Danube, Robert’s latest book, is the sequel to Robert’s 1st hit novel, FATAL GREED.

Robert Landori wrote FATAL GREED after one of his clients, who manufactured surgical glue from bovine blood, ‘forgot’ to pay commission on a $10 Million financial package that was arranged for him.

In this thriller novel, two partners fabricate the glue – you guessed it – from cows’ blood. They accidentally infect a batch with new variety, human Mad Cow (Creutzfeldt-Jakob) Disease that gets shipped out to hospitals world-wide. The good partner is all for reporting the accident to the World Health Organization to contain the spread the disease (for which there is no cure), but the bad partner insists on suppressing the problem.
They fight. The bad guy kills the good guy and disappears after bankrupting their company. Some of the infected glue inventory falls into terrorist hands who plan to use it as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, but dare not do so before assuring themselves of a supply of vaccine against the disease. They fear killing their own people. Unfortunately, no such vaccine has been perfected as yet.

The second in this crime novel series, the recently released MAYHEM ON THE DANUBE, is about a young Canadian scientist who is working in his Hungarian laboratory on perfecting just such a vaccine. The terrorists kidnap him and set him to work at a hidden facility on the banks of the Danube. He refuses to cooperate so they kidnap his mother as well. Robert Lonsdale, a contract officer with the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Division, is tasked to find and free the Canadian scientist.

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