Affiliate Buzz # 288 – Impact of Mobile in Affiliate Marketing

by James Martell on May 9, 2013

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itunesIn today’s episode James Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz, speaks with Matt Frary, founder of SmarterChaos, a game-changing agency. James and Matt will be discussing the explosion in mobile devices and what affiliates and merchants need to be aware of, as PC’s begin to succumb to them. Some of what you will hear discussed includes HTML5 upgrades and responsive/reactive designs and themes.

James begins with a startling tidbit of information and that is, he read an article in the Guardian News and Media, written by Anthony Sullivan, from November of 2012, stating that tablets and smartphones contribute to about 35% of all Internet traffic.

So, the question being addressed today is “Are affiliate and advertisers paying enough attention to mobile?”

In Need of Attention

The answer is a resounding “No.” Matt explains that while people are talking about it, the attention needs to focus more on strategy. So, while you might be aware that the trend is growing at an incredible rate, you might not be aware of what to do about it.

James emphasizes the need to do something about it, with even more interesting statistics, which include the following:

  • 75% of emails are opened on a mobile device
  • 65% Facebook posts are created through mobile devices
  • 90% of tweets on Twitter are conducted with a mobile device

You will hear what that means for anyone hoping to succeed in an online business.

Various Types of Mobile Devices

itunesThere are multiple mobile devices on the market to consider when making choices in what you want to use, as well as what you market to for your business. Matt shares a few them, such as iPhones, tablets, and android.

However, you will hear that they are not all created equal, especially when it comes to searching on the Internet. A simple search can become quite frustrating if a website is not equipped to handle your particular device, with a non-mobile enabled page. So, listen in to hear how you should adapt your website to help others search you out, through things such as reactive websites built with HTML5 where the browser is recognized as a mobile browser.

Matt also discusses app to app tracking, which is an idea that works with ads from merchants, as well as web to app tracking, which is tying in traffic from the PC and installation of a mobile app. James and Matt then go into great detail on how these features work and how they can benefit you greatly in your personal and business needs.

So, sit back and listen to 30+ minutes of valuable information, and don’t miss out on this episode filled with great tips to keep you current in today’s ever-changing technical world!

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