How Virtual Assistants can Help You Succeed Online

by Scott Fox on November 12, 2012

Virtual assistants can help you increase profitability and use your time better.

If you want to make money as an entrepreneur it’s your job to investigate any strategy that can increase the return on your valuable time investment (ROI).

Increasing your impact by hiring virtual assistants is exactly that kind of lifestyle business design strategy.

Even if you think you can’t afford a VA or other freelance help, I think you should listen to this interview with my friend, Chris Ducker. It turns out that you can “buy time” to improve your business and lifestyle!

Chris is the CEO of so he’s an expert on the best use of freelance contractors. But he’s also made some major lifestyle design transitions in his own life thanks to virtual assistants that I think will interest you.

Listen to this episode of the Click Millionaires Success Show podcast for:

  • The 3 most popular tasks you could outsource to a virtual assistant
  • The 3 most common mistakes Chris sees people make when hiring VAs
  • Chris’s “3 Lists to Freedom” approach that can help you redesign your work and life
  • The math that “proves” freelance contractors can be a great deal for you
  • What virtual assistants cost (and what you should pay)
  • How to find and train good part-time help
  • What NOT to do when hiring virtual assistants
  • How virtual assistants from the Philippines compare with contractors from other parts of the world and the US
  • Why I think you can afford outsourced help even if you don’t

Bottom Line

Try focusing on what you do best and outsourcing the rest. Virtual assistants may seem expensive but if you open your mind to spending a little bit to expand your reach and impact, it can be a wise investment to accelerate your profitability and enjoy your life and work more.

See the Full Transcript of this episode here.

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Do you agree with my analysis that it can be helpful to growing your business – even if you think you can’t afford it?



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