How to Claim Your Business Directory Listings (A Simple Strategy to Increase Local Rankings and Traffic) | The School of Internet Marketing – Episode #21

by James Martell on June 2, 2014

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Do you want to increase your Google rankings? Could your website use some additional traffic? If you aren’t using strategies designed to increase rankings and traffic, then you are likely missing out on benefits associated with them.

Google algorithms have transitioned over the past few years to weed out internet rubbish, while rewarding authentic sites with higher page rankings and more web traffic. Which category best describes the state of your website?

If you’re interested in learning how to help your website come out on top of the Google rankings, then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of The School of Internet Marketing podcast where your host Nick Jaworski interviews James Martell, founder of “The School of Internet Marketing” and Vice President of Product Development for jambMEDIA about claiming your business listings, a simple strategy to increase rankings and traffic.

Traffic is the lifeblood of websites. Forbes likens your website to a prime piece of online real estate, and when it’s not achieving your target ROI the first thing the magazine suggests looking at is traffic. This interview is a chance to implement a strategy to help improve the results from your website.

Why You Need to Claim Directory Listings

James kicks off this episode of the podcast by defining what it means to claim your business listing. The previous episode talked about the importance of accuracy in your citations on online business directories, like Yelp and Foursquare. This interview continues with an explanation about why you should also claim the listing.

Then Nick asks about the potential for ulterior motives behind some directories’ requests for businesses to claim their listings. James explains whether there’s any real threat to claiming a business listing online, and offers advice for how to stay safe during the process.

If you aren’t sure how to claim your listing in business directories or why it’s so important, then skipping this important task could compromise your Google ranking.


Increase Rankings and Traffic with This Easy Strategy

Google rankings are vital to online success, but if you are like most businesses then you use additional strategies to gain traffic as well. Business directory listings can assist you in achieving that goal. During this episode James also addresses these questions:

  • What are the big sites where I should claim my listing?
  • Who controls the picture of my business in the listing?
  • Do I have to pay to claim my directory listing?
  • What do I need to do before claiming my listing?

Now ask yourself these questions: Do I know which directories list my business? Do I understand what I need to do to claim that listing? If you answered no to either, then you could be failing at your other attempts to increase rankings and traffic.

Using Keywords to Increase Rankings and Traffic

James gives real-time examples of problems his clients face when trying to increase rankings and traffic for their websites. He offers suggestions for finding keywords that can help with your Google ranking, and how many of these keywords you should use.

The most expensive part of this strategy is the time it takes for you to visit each directory, authenticate the information, and then claim each listing. Your time is worth a lot, but the increased traffic and Google rankings you’ll enjoy after claiming your directory listings is priceless.

Changes to Google algorithms share the common thread of rewarding authentic websites. Business directory listings are the perfect way to give the search engine what it wants for its higher ranking websites. What’s stopping you from using this method to achieve that goal?

The episode wraps up with James sharing some final tips to make the process of claiming your listings easy, even if your schedule is packed with other responsibilities. He also offers a resource that can help explain everything you need to know from start to finish.

Are You Prepared to Claim Your Business Listings?

Do you want to claim business listings so that you can also increase rankings and traffic? Are you ready to present your products and services to countless potential clients? Don’t begin without first listening to all the advice James offers in this podcast. Then if you have questions or comments, please share them in the space below.

Did You Enjoy the Interview?

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