Holiday Shopping and Award Winners

by Lisa Picarille on December 28, 2009

Welcome to episode 21 of The Spew, a podcast about women in online marketing, by women in online marketing.

For this episode Lisa Picarille (@lisap) moderated and was joined by:

Karen Garcia (@karengarcia), co-founder of GTO Management and Ultimate Foodie

Karen White (@KarenWhite_LV), founder and CEO of Squirtgun Media

And Lisa Riolo (@LisaRiolo), co founder of Impact Radius

We (meaning me, Lisa Picarille) had some Skype issues on this one. I thought my dear friend Pamela was recording the entire show, but I guess Pamela didn’t kick in until all four of the ladies were on the call. That means about 8 minutes at the beginning of the show are missing. I think we spent most of that time chatting about marketing and holidays.

The podcast starts in the middle of Lisa Riolo talking about ways for affiliates and merchants to differentiate themselves by offering gift wrapping as a service. She was disappointed to have order so many gifts to be shipped to far- flung family and friends that many of them couldn’t be gift wrapped. She felt like she was imposing on her brother to wrap the gifts intended for his kids from their Auntie Lisa in California.

Anyway, after that we got into the validity of awards and industry honors. Of course, we offered a huge round of applause and congrats to Karen Garcia, who had recently won a ShareASale Performance Award – the Pay It Forward award. She was also nominated for an Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Most Vocal Industry Advocate – quite a week for the very-deserving Mrs. Garcia.

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