Holiday Hangout Lifestyle Business Podcast

by Scott Fox on December 18, 2013

Our latest public Video Office Hours session had a holiday theme, including surprise gifts for everyone who asked a question!

Watch the video of this Podcast on YouTube!

Of course, we covered lots of useful lifestyle business design and online marketing tips, too.

Listen to this new podcast above, or watch the replay of our Google+ Hangout for discussions on:

– 8 easy ways to accelerate your web business over the holidays

– how much original content a blog needs

– Facebook pages and ad strategies

– ASPs vs. Hosted Services vs. SAAS

– what to include in your holiday emails

– how to get started with autoresponder emails

Plus, an inspiring quotation from Marianne Williamson (not Nelson Mandela – thanks to everyone who has been writing in to correct me!). What do you think?

Any followup questions?

Will you be joining me next time on January 22?



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Any follow-up questions?

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