Google+ Indexing, the Hunt for Pillows, Vinny’s SEO Checklist, and Texas BBQ

by Lisa Picarille on November 22, 2011

This week on the Affiliate Thing podcast, Lisa Picarille and guest co-host Vinny O’Hare (AKA MY Little Vinny) stuck mostly to affiliate marketing topics. Ok. We got into some Jets talk and the story of why Vinny from Brooklyn (who is really from Queens) loves the Atlanta Falcons.

We also talked about Google+ Brand Pages, Google+ Trending Items, the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Regular co-host Shawn Collins was off for a little R&R on a Mexican cruise with the family. But we predict he’s paying big bucks to have Internet on board access so he can listen to this podcast, and Tweet and post on Facebook.

Show Links
Affiliate Summit Meetups
Google+ Introduces Brand Pages
The LinkShare Symposium West
Vinny Speaking for the First Time at Affiliate Summit
The Avon Breast Cancer Walk in NYC
• The San Francisco/Brooklyn Connection with A&G Merch and Blue Bottle Coffee
• The Value of Etsy’s SEO Advice
Rudy’s BBQ
Matthew Lesko Spotting

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