Giving Thanks for Fantasy Sports on FSG Episode 23

by Eric Souza on November 16, 2012

A couple of Bay Area “E”s took the reins of Episode 23 of Fantasy Sports Geeks, as Erik Hom and Eric Souza discussed the recent goings-on in the NFL and baseball.

  • No holding back these two SF fans
  • Since next week is Thanksgiving week,making sure to get in podcast now
  • Erik Hom barely hanging in there in Fantasy League – next week challenge because going up against Jed’s Dirty Money Allstars. Harbaugh Handshake was beaten last week by Mike Beuchele’s Monkey Butter. Erik pretty much has to win out, or he’s done
  • Erik needs help to win out the rest of the games in the season, so Eric suggested he grow a beard like the Giants relievers. (Note image below – apparently Erik already has grown out the beard)
  • QB problems – concussions and injuries causing issues with lineup decisions
  • Florida Marlins fans – not happy with recent trade of Jose Reyes and Johnson and Buerle going to Toronto …
  • Buster Posey! Helped him win MVP that he wasn’t going up against larger market team candidates?
  • Walt Weiss new manager in Colorado – Giambi?
  • Bochy seemed to pull all the right moves – future HOF manager?
  • Ryan Theriot put in as DH in Game 4 of WS – clutch hit and winning run
  • Power not always necessary when you have the other factors
  • Problems filling in for bye week players
  • Colin Kaepernick a huge kid, super fast but a weird delivery – strong arm but not as much “touch” … but ran for lots of yards, so a different weapon and a solid backup.
  • Could potentially have two backups on a Monday Night game..Could be career building night – show their qualifications to other teams
  • Hard to step back to QB2 after showing success as QB1
  • Traumatic memories nearly 30 years later of the horrible call – Falcons “TD” from Steve Bartkowski to Billy Whiteshoes Johnson against 49ers in 1983. YouTube video below.
  • Vinny and Deb update – hope they’re doing well after Sandy wreaked havoc


Erik Hom with Brian Wilson Beard, Bearded Erik Hom



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