GeekCast 26: Verizon EVDO Overage Freakout

by Shawn Collins on July 9, 2008

Team GeekCast was in full effect this week with Jim Kukral, Lisa Picarille, Sam Harrelson, and Shawn Collins talking the geek talk.

We started off by talking Sam off the ledge after he discovered that he went 1.6 GB over on his monthly Verizon EVDO plan.

With overages adding up at $0.25 per MB, he got hit with a bill of more than $1,000.

After pleading with Verizon, he was able to get it reduced by half, but still has that big nut.

Sam and the Verizon EVDO Chronicles

Speaking of wigging out, the group then talked about Loren Feldman getting dumped by Verizon Wireless for his video deal that was recently announced for VCast.

Then the chatter turned to an examination of the Top Affiliate Challenge, as well as Google downtimes with Google Docs and Grand Central.

Other stuff covered includes Apple pulling the iPhone 3G from Canada,, Jim’s new site, seesmic, the GeekCast Live session at eComXpo, Affiliate Summit selling out, and the nuances of Twitter etiquette.

GeekCast 26 Show Links:

The show runs a Verizonific 85 minutes and 30 seconds, and it weighs a hefty 78 MB. So, if Sam uploaded it with his EVDO connection, it would have cost him nearly $20.

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