Geek Dads Weekly #94 – Take Me to the Gifting Suite

by Daniel M. Clark on September 30, 2011

In which Daniel and Drew get fired up about the Kindle, give updates on the state of the comics wall, and talk a lot about toys – some of which were for the kids.

The big tech news this week was the announcement of the Kindle Fire, the new tablet that is… well, it’s a… it’s really good for… oh, it’ll totally kill the… hm. Having a hard time with this. There’s a lot to say about the Fire, but the big question seems to be: is there a place in the market for it or will it fall by the wayside like every other 7″ Android tablet so far?

We moved into the realm of comics next. Without Joe to temper us, we get geeky, but you know, it’s right there in the name of the show: Geek Dads Weekly, so we’re allowed sometimes. I gave an update on the status of the shelves that I built for my collection and also talked in detail about the software that I use to catalog all my comics: Comic Collector by

Drew had a really big update after his trip to New York for the 2011 Time to Play Holiday Showcase event, which he attended along with fellow dad bloggers Adam Cohen, Chris Lewis, Josh Becker and Mitch from His really big update story can be found in more detail and with way better links than I can come up with on my own, at Go check it out, I’ll be here when you get back.

We wrapped up with some talk about getting free wi-fi in fast food restaurants, getting free swag at conferences (and how to get the best stuff while making the best personal connections) and Drew has a question about teaching kids how to ride a bike. If you have any tips or tricks when it comes to riding bikes, hit us up by email or on Twitter (me or Drew). We’d love to hear your suggestions.

All this and more – thanks for listening! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a voice mail at 281-241-QAQN(7276). Also, you can email us at

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