Geek Dads Weekly #84 – Google Minus

by Daniel M. Clark on June 30, 2011

In which the guys talk about one of the most unpleasant subjects for parents: child pornography. Your faith in humanity may well be shaken after this one, folks. Also, Google+ and dealing with bad neighbors.

We opened the show this week with a bit of talk about QAQN Live! and what it means to the show. I’m broadcasting episodes live on Ustream and Mixlr as they’re recorded, and for my fourth attempt at doing a show this way, it worked pretty well! Almost perfect! Oh, there’s a chat room, too. Keep an eye on my Twitter to learn when the next broadcast will be – there will be a set schedule someday, but right now, days and times vary.

Do you have bad neighbors? Drew does. Listen to find out why… it’s entertaining!

The main segment this week is probably the most sobering conversation we’ve ever had on this show. We’ve talked about child safety before, but this is a whole new ballgame. To paraphrase a popular movie, it’s not the same ballpark, it’s not even the same sport. I participated in an online discussion (I know, that was my first mistake) about child pornography. There are those that were defending it in the name of art “because who’s to say what art is or isn’t?” and because it’s protected as “free speech” under the law.


Are you someone who uses the label “art” as a shield to defend free expression? We’ve heard this a number of times in the past. Everyone’s art is valid. Everyone’s art is special. Everyone’s art is not to be censored. But photographed, painted or drawn, child porn isn’t art. Please listen to this segment and speak out if you run into one of these lunatics in your life. Putting children in sexual positions isn’t art, it’s illegal.

Moving on to a happier subject… Google+. We’re not 100% on board with it and Joe is pretty annoyed that because he runs Google Apps, he can’t tie into Google+. Peter Shankman had an article about this yesterday. We’ll see how it shakes out in the next few months. Will it be another Google Wave? Or will it turn out more like Google Maps? Could be huge… could be a massive failure. Anyone want to place bets? [side note: aw, man. I just saw that Peter used the same play on words I did in the title, Google plus, minus. Oh well, I’m sure he wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last.]

We wrapped with some updates from Drew about TeleNav and Kodak, and a voicemail entry into the Affiliate Summit Gold Pass Giveaway. If you would like a free Gold Pass to Affiliate Summit coming up in August, you need to enter the drawing! There are lots of ways to stack the deck in your favor, so check it out, all the details are in the show notes of episode 83.

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