Geek Dads Weekly #54 – An Interview with Jim Turner of #DadsTalking

by Daniel M. Clark on December 14, 2010

Wherein Daniel and Drew talk Battlestar Galactica, hard drive crashes and Dads Talking with Jim Turner.

We opened with a bit of discussion about back pain, then went right into Battlestar Galactica, my new all-time favorite television show. Never has a TV show affected me as frequently as this one has. There is nothing not awesome about it, and it’s all available for streaming on Netflix.

As we get closer to 2011, thoughts of future podcasts begin to take shape  – Battlestar? Thundercats? Go-Bots? Snorks? Rainbow Brite? Yeah, probably not any of those. Probably. Maybe. We’ll see. The world is begging for a SilverHawks podcast, after all.

Speaking of podcasts, as I’m working up a new episode of Daniel Destroys, I’ve discovered that works for video distribution to YouTube, iTunes and other services. If you’re thinking about producing video but are concerned about hosting, they’re worth a look.

Following that, we talked about the tragedy of losing media in a hard drive crash. Back a few years ago, I had a hard drive crash and lost thousands of music files and movies that I’d ripped from my extensive CD and DVD collection. Unfortunately, there were a few items, like Sponge’s New Pop Sunday that had gone out of print. My CD had been broken, then the drive crashed. What do you do then? Drew and I talked about backup options. [Follow-up: apparently, that disc is available as an Import on Amazon now. Very cool – guess I know what I’m ordering next from Amazon.]

Have you ever tried to coordinate a conference call between five or six people spread out in different time zones? Drew and I talk next about the trials and tribulations of coordinating schedules; I’m using to help keep things straight.

Drew will be heading to the North American International Auto Show, which is happening at the same time as Affiliate Summit. He’ll be in Vegas for Summit Saturday and Sunday morning, then on a plane to the auto show Sunday afternoon. That means he gets to participate in the Affiliate Improv panel, but he and I won’t get to do that footrace down the strip that we’d been talking about.

Next up, we brought on Jim Turner from Dads Talking (@genuine on Twitter). We haven’t had a ton of guests on the show, but when we do, we’re always thrilled with the result, and Jim’s appearance here was one of my favorites.

Dads Talking began as little more than a collection of dad bloggers using the hashtag #dadstalking on Twitter. Jim gave us the history of the hashtag and his site, as well as his involvement with Blogworld and his efforts at building a community of dads online.

One of the first things I asked Jim was, how can dads turn ‘daddy blogging’ into a business? The ‘mommy bloggers’ have their own gig, how can dads make a go of it? He has some great insights there.

Jim turned the interview around on us, and asked what our plans are for the future of the podcast. Are we shopping this thing to Rupert Murdoch? [no.] I explained a bit of the history of the show and what our ideas for 2011 are. We’re looking to bring on guests – and in fact, we mentioned that if you’re using the #dadstalking hashtag, you’re probably someone we’re interested in talking with. Give us a shout!

Like Jim did at Blogworld, I’ll be at Affiliate Summit with a recorder and a microphone. I’d love to talk with you in person. I’ll be spending a lot of time in the Blogger Lounge when I’m not out making the rounds. If I don’t find you, feel free to come find me!

I’m barely scratching the surface of all the great stuff Jim had to share with us, and if you’re anything like me, and I know I am, you’ll really enjoy this interview.

Thanks for listening! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a voice mail at 281-826-2112. Also, you can email us at

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