Geek Dads Weekly #30 – Dr. Pepper and the Mafia

by Daniel M. Clark on August 31, 2010

It’s August and that means it’s back to school for a lot of kids all over the country. Winter wrapped up her first week rather successfully. We announced the creation of our newsletter and our call-in number! Call 281-826-2112 and leave us a message – if it’s a good one, we may play it on the show!

We discovered Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man, this week. The iPad Camera Connection Kit has many more uses than simply connecting a camera to the iPad – almost anything with a USB connection can be jacked into the iPad. Keyboards, headsets, and more. Drew discovered that the iProRecord app was on sale for 80% off (might still be, check the link below) and immediately bought it. An iPad + iProRecord + USB microphone + Camera Connection Kit = mobile interviews made super easy.

The title of the show comes from the discussion about the lack of Dr. Pepper in Las Vegas – the worst thing about attending Affiliate Summit West. Daniel figures the mafia is controlling all the soft drinks in Vegas.

Next up, discussion of the changes Drew is making at his blog and the two-week experiment. We set the stage for sponsorships – more info about that in upcoming weeks & months.

Adobe Audition is coming to the Mac! It’s not exactly new news, but Daniel just found out and is excited about it.

Comics! We cover the Marvel & DC iPad apps and Daniel informs Drew of the existence of the Image Comics app. Then it’s on to Marvel Essentials, DC Archives and the value of each.

We wrap with discussion of iTunes going social and a bit on social media – Drew’s using Pixelpipe to manage his content at various locations.

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Follow-up: Drew reports that he was able to get his wireless headphones to work with his iPad by plugging the headphones’ dongle into the iPad camera connection kit adapter. Also, Daniel got the DC-equivilent of the Marvel Essentials wrong. DC Archives is a hardcover, full color collection. The low-cost black & white collections are DC Showcase (affiliate link).

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