Geek Dads @ Home #6: Birthdays and AdBlockers

by Daniel M. Clark on January 31, 2009

Here we are for another GeekDads@Home episode, brought to you by the number 6.

This show was recorded on Scott’s Birthday, January 28. Mental note, if we put the date in the podcast, publish it on that same day. My bad.

The birthday discussion sends Daniel into his rendition of Patton Oswalt’s take on birthday celebrations.

Sam has a friend who was born on leap day and only celebrated birthdays every 4 years. She’s 26, does that make her 104 in human years?

Sam shares a little too much about gym class, showers, and junior high. Awkward.

In the geek department, Sam shares his experiences with Windows 7 Beta. We’re concerned that he’s moving back to Microsoft.

We discuss the phenomenon of Keyboard People and Mouse People. Daniel’s a mouse person. He may lose his geek credentials and be sent down to the LudditeCast with Jim Kukral. (Not really Daniel, we just have to mention Jim at least once in every show.)

Joe shared his visit the world famous Atlanta Aquarium recently. I call field trip!

Great video by Joe. Be sure to flip this over into HD mode…

Finally, Sam laments on the Twitter impersonators that assumed his identity and spammed his followers. Marketers ruin everything. We discover that adblocking is the real reason that Sam was forced to leave marketing for good to avoid a scandal.

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