Geek Dads @ Home #32 – Wave Over Here

by Joe Magennis on October 2, 2009

While Daniel and Joe patiently refresh their GMail accounts looking for that elusive Google Wave invite, they decide to chat up a number of Geek Dad at Home topics, before bringing on a stay at home Dad as this week’s guest. If you stick to the end of the podcast, our guest touches on some interesting observations he has about how people are not being honest in their social networking. It would actually be great to explore those impressions a little bit further.

First we have to address a change in Ian’s sleeping pattern which has put Daniel behind the eight ball in terms of his own sleep. Is it the fact that feeding has changed due to Angela working out of town or something else?

We talk again about the challenges of getting a critical mass built up in services like and Friendfeed in order to be more useful, and how it also applies to Google Wave. Without friends to interact with on Wave, the feedback from the alpha testing is that it is a challenging platform to comprehend.

I use my wish for Baseballisms to have real time conversations during the playoffs as a way to demonstrate the value of Friendfeed over Twitter. During the playoffs having a vibrant conversation taking place in a Friendfeed Room rather than on Twitter would be a much better experience … but then Daniel comes to the conclusion that it is a reincarnation of an old AOL Chatroom!

We get to the hot item of a new service that Google in introducing called Side Wiki .. unfortunately during the conversation I had something stuck in my head that incorrectly identified it as “Search Wiki” .. Sorry. Replace the word Search for Side and you will have the right name 🙂

We had some fun with the Wayback machine on The Internet Archive. At the Wayback machine we find an early Daniel site from May of 2001 called The Writer’s Block. |

We also find my first cracks at a Frontpage site for from November of 1998, and a later version that still had some graphics in the Archive for your enjoyment. |

Our guest this week is Sam Shepard, who is the author of a blog called PunditDad and father to Lucy who turns two years old very soon. As a dad he immediately chose to impose exact routines throughout the day that have had a great impact on the habits that she has formed.

Sam is using as a way to generate a local Dad’s community group since he has recently moved to the Chicago area. He is still looking for an actual get together prior to winter coming, but takes full advantage of the parks in the area to spend quality time with Lucy.

He has also recently had to cope with a case of the croup with Lucy. As parents will do, we get into the illnesses that we’ve recently had to deal with and try to decide which is better, to get sick now and pick up immunities or expect it to come when the kids get to school and are exposed to many more germs.

Turning the conversation to Sam’s use of the internet, he made the very interesting point that he is sensing Facebook has jumped the shark. He considers many people’s updates as “false positives”. He would like to see more people really being honest about what they are feeling and less of the rosy pictures that tend to be presented.

Sam, who is not immersed in social media but understands that the entire channel is based upon trust, observes that we are getting a skewed vision of taste makers perspectives. Marketers are not getting the real valid data that they believe they are extracting from these streams.


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