Geek Dads at Home #20 – The Jim Kukral Segment

by Joe Magennis on June 12, 2009

For long time listeners of the Geek Dads@ Home podcast, it has become somewhat of a running joke that towards the end of an episode we will end up with a segment about Twitter, and for some reason Jim Kukral. No one really knows how, when or why it started but it always seemed that there was something relevant in the conversation where Jim’s name would be referenced.

So during a conversation in Episode 17, Daniel mentioned that he was no longer following Jim on Twitter due to the amount and type of tweets he was making. It wasn’t until Episode 19 that Jim happened to listen to the show and heard us retroactively mention Daniel and his unfollow sentiments. After hearing our show, Jim requested via Twitter and the Comments that he get his turn. Hosts Scott Jangro, Joe Magennis and Daniel M Clark all agreed to devote this entire episode to The Jim Kukral Segment.

Jim was able to rationally communicate his strategy for how he uses Twitter as a means to get attention, and Scott had identified during the original episode that there was a conscious decision at one point to attempt to drive followers away. Jim clearly states that he loves when anyone gives him attention on line, and that our little segments are only good for business.

Jim turns the tables on us and asks us to elaborate on the practical arrangements, particularly spousal expectations of working at home. It is one of the biggest challenges we face as work at home dads where we need to identify the boundaries and time schedules so that the interruptions are minimized.

A key point that he shares is his motivation to accept the challenge of being successful at his business. It was the day that he and his wife decided that sJim and Billyhe was going to stay at home with the two kids. This pressure to be the sole provider for the family has kept him doing what he does every day. He admits and accepts that it turned him into a different type of person who strives to be somewhere between Billy Mays and Tony Robbins.

For us Geek Dads we have to juggle the every day issues happening around the house and the work hours that we have to commit to our businesses.

At one point in this week’s episode Jim and Scott discuss “The Triple Jangro“, with Scott clarifying the rest of the story …..

Jim put the question to Daniel .. how could he get him back as a follower?

Jim cautions that he has incorporated auto tweets using Twitterfeed into his stream in order to continue to make posts that are intermingled with his personal stream. It turns out that Shawn Collins has stopped following Jim due to this automation.

Daniel admits that he would like Jim to project the persona that he first saw in the Bratz Dolls video that he produced as part of his Daily Flip program.

Daniel recommends that Jim adopt a persona that takes the success of Billy Mays with the person that appears in the Bratz video.

A recommended Twitter app during the show comes up, TweetMic is a way to post to Twitter with an actual recorded message. Check out the sound quality, it is really good!

Breaking away from the use of Twitter in promoting Jim, we talk about using the Live Web as a means of distributing a brand message. Jim shares his use of his Ustream channel, wifi and his laptop to broadcast any public presentations that he is conducting.

And keep an eye on the new iPhone functionality as far as streaming and recording video. It will make the live web jump to life with an easy on ramp for getting your content out there.

Finally .. we really want to thank Jim for coming on the show and contributing in a big way! The whole premise of having conversations about Jim is all in good fun, and we really enjoy the camaraderie and sharing of great information, because we all love what is transpiring on the internet and can never get enough good dialogue.

Happy early Father’s Day to all Dads our there, whether Geek or At Home or non of the above … enjoy your time with your kids, and make every moment count!

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