Fraud: The Affiliate Manager’s View

by Lisa Picarille on January 8, 2010

Welcome to another episode of the Performance Marketing Association’s Industry report, a podcast dedicated to the most pressing issues impacting advertisers, publishers, networks and agencies.

Lisa Picarille was the moderator and we continued our discussion about fighting fraud in the affiliate space. This time we were joined by Jason Rubacky and Trisha Lyn Fawver.

Jason is the Affiliate Development Manager at ShareASale. He’s been in affiliate marketing since 2004. He started out developing his own coupon and sports sites. (A new podcast with Eric Nagel and I)

Trisha is the Director Affiliate Program Management for Paulson Management Group, an outsourced program management firm. She has been an affiliate manager since 2006 for a range of programs.

We discussed combating affiliate fraud from the affiliate manager and network perspective. We talked about the varying degrees of fraud being perpetrated; how screening in multiple places to deter fraud; steps managers are taking including tools like Brand Verity (PPC PoachMark) ; how to detect if a site might be fraudulent; opening a dialog with publishers; the delicate balance of talking about fraud without giving people too much information to help them skirt the system; what are the roles of each of the parties involved in affiliate marketing to fight fraud; the need for more education in the industry and how to educate affiliate manager; and what about getting regulators and federal agencies involved; how to deal with fraud in leads-based program; and how the level of transparency can be an issue; and much more.

For more information about these and other issue impacting the performance marketing space, you can go to:

(NOTE: There is a small glitch in the file around the 8 minute mark. But we recover quickly. By the next podcast I’ll have the lame MP3 converter downloaded so that I can edit the files and convert to MP3. This time around I just could not get it to work. Apologies.)

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