Fighting Cockroaches, Particles and Flacco? Fantasy Sports Geeks #21

by Eric Souza on October 24, 2012

Let’s say this first: we’re not objective. We are sports fans, and therefore opinionated, vocal and sometimes cocky. Plus, we all have microphones and a public forum, so … what do you expect?

Yes … as the missing CoffeNate said on Facebook, we’re Homers!

Two of the four people on this week’s podcast were “homers”, happily singing (not literally) the praises of the National League Champion San Francisco Giants less than 24 hours after they came back to beat the Cardinals in the NLCS. And the reason for the one-sidedness?? Our resident Tigers fan, Nathan Smith, was unable to be on this week’s podcast! Let it be known: there should be NO EXCUSE for missing these vital podcasts.

So yes, there was a lot of one-sided discussion about our beloved Gigantes (or fighting cockroaches, as Erik Hom affectionately described them, channeling Peter Magowan). Scutaro is the new Knight of the Jedi Order as the Giants prepare for their second World Series visit in three years. Zito is Yoda. May the Particles Be With Them. UNCRUSHABLE.

And yet, the Giants weren’t the only thing discussed on Episode 21 of Fantasy Sports Geeks.

Jill Swartwout had plenty of opportunity to brag, as her “Checks Chick” trounced Erik’s “Harbaugh Handshake” … and you can hear how many ways there are for the taunt to be made that “Erik got beat by a GIRL!”

Jill also vented about her favorite Raven, Joe Flacco. Finally, after an exhaustive search through Google images, we found out the truth … Jill’s boyfriend, Wayne, is actually leading a double life!! Minus the foo-man-chu and unibrow.

Eric lost a bet to Nate and will have to send  him a pound of Stumptown coffee. Eric will not make a World Series bet … but Erik said he might be open to betting a pound of Pete’s coffee from SF. Jill said if the Orioles were still playing, she would do Baltimore’s awesome cookies, “Berger Cookies” – butter cookies with a huge amount of chocolate on top.

We also roll out “The Mighty Flacco” Award for worst performance … this week won by The Bald Beans for getting TROUNCED. Kinda like I hope the Tigers will be.

Joe Flacco Award

Erik and his son got to be on the field before Game 6 for the Giants, and were on national television! Where’s the pic?? Here is his photo of Giants paraphernalia.

Other items to note from this week’s podcast:

  • Jed finally lost a game and is now 6-1, and is followed closely by The Boom Boom, Fighting Falcons and Bald Beans at 5-2.
  • Eric didn’t realize he had a little audio trouble (let me know next time, guys!)
  • It’s the time of the season for juggling bye week players
  • Tight Ends can get picked up and are tough to rely on
  • Erik talked about “The Particles” that have been pouring down for the Giants.
  • “The Fighting Cockroaches” because they can’t die.
  • Work the magic. Get the particles.
  • Slick Watts
  • Clyde Drexler
  • Favorite Sports Names
    Ryan Theriot – Ryan The Riot
  • Through the power of social media, Jill was able to find her daughter’s cat.
  • Community Marketing – SF Giants are at the tops of the list (as opposed to the 49ers!)
  • Truly a great social media company. #RallyZito was one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter
  • Great bobbleheads from SF Giants
  • Jill took every opportunity to rub in how she beat Harbaugh’s Handshake

Our standings and the Week 7 results …

Click here to listen to the rest of the series of this podcast.

Oh, and finally, we needed to show what Giants closer Sergio Romo does before he beats his chest in exultation …


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