Fantasy Sports Geeks XX – Baseball Wrapup and Football Week 5

by Eric Souza on October 13, 2012

On Episode 20 of Fantasy Sports Geeks (or Episode Dos Equis), the dulcet tones of Mike Buechele, Jed Duffield and Eric Souza could be heard waxing philosophical on the end of the fantasy baseball season, as well as on Week Five of the NFL.

Topics covered included:

  • Apparently, players need to listen to our podcasts to be motivated and perform well. After we trashed Chris Johnson two weeks ago, he had a huge game, only to flub in the week when we didn’t record a show.
  • Garbage yards – crappy teams can help with points, so long as they’re not QBs who are interception machines. RE: Vick – turnovers, though he still scores
  • Buechele picked up Giants D a couple weeks ago, but Vick didn’t have any turnovers. Only so much you can do.
  • Defenses have been paying dividends. Eric’s team wouldn’t have won without the Chicago defense scoring more than any offensive player.
  • We discussed the Houston Defense, though losing Cushings for the season will hurt a lot. Plus, Watt is loved by NBC
  • You can be a great player, but you also can be remembered for what you do as a person. Mike discussed Tiki Barber, and how he left the Giants. He was a great on the field, but ended on bad terms – both with his media missteps and with his personal family problems.
  • Mike was the tops from the CDM baseball league … out of 25 teams, Mike’s was 13. Bald Beans came in at 18. Gorillas, 23 and Eric’s Blitzkrieg Bombers was 24.
  • The Affiliate Boys of Summer Yahoo! League concluded. Jed took the championship. Congrats to the Dirty Money Allstars!
  • Mike compared his baseball team’s collapse to the Met’s drop a couple years ago against the Cardinals, with Beltran striking out to end it.
  • We pay homage to the final week of the Yahoo! League’s Home Run Champion, Greg Hoffman!
  • Jeter and Rose hit record discussion
  • Mattingly never won a championship? Maybe next year with the Dodgers, though pitching and Kemp’s shoulder are questions …
  • A’s win the west! More moneyball than the original Moneyball. Led to discussion of how the Big Three, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder.
  • Tim Lincecum in the BP and Zito started in the NLDS!
  • Play the hot hand … Alex Rodriguez, Tim Lincecum, Barry Zito, etc
  • Yahoo! Football league … Dirty Money Allstars in first, but suffering from some injuries
  • Eric having trouble finding a QB for Cam Newton’s bye week. Sanchez?? Are you kidding? Maybe Sam Bradford v. Miami.

Here are our football standings after Week 5 …

Our baseball leagues:

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