Fantasy Sports Geeks: It’s Two Hands on the Football, Clown

by Eric Souza on September 20, 2012

We’ve made it to episode 18 of Fantasy Sports Geeks!

Things are a little different this week … normally we start the podcast officially, but this time I left some of the pre-podcast chatting between Daniel, Nate and myself (Eric will no longer be referring to himself in the third person … OK, last time) as we tried to get Jill on Skype.

Some highlights:

  • Jill helped Daniel “eek” out a win. This will likely be the last time Jill helps show Daniel how to use the Yahoo! Fantasy sports features.
  • We all agree that the replacement refs have to go, and that the NFL needs to get the best refs back to help avoid player injuries and other potential messiness.
  • Nate summed up the fumble from the end of the Arizona / New England match up by stating “it’s called two hands on the football, clown.”
  • Jill expresses her devotion to kicker Justin Tucker.
  • Nate suggests you never buy ground coffee, or coffee in a metal can, unless you like your coffee putrid or rancid. In which case, you’re welcome to use cream and sugar.
  • Eric (there’s that third person again) is confident that he’ll trounce Bald Beans next week, in both football and in a potential baseball championship showdown.
  • We like the football weekly recaps and the Bloomberg sit and start tool.
  • We only use Yahoo! for fantasy sports.

Here are our football standings after Week 2 …

Our baseball league:

yahoo fantasy baseball standings

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