Fantasy Sports Geeks Episode 19: The Hooded Menace

by Eric Souza on September 28, 2012

On episode 19 of Fantasy Sports Geeks, we covered a lot of ground … unlike Titans running back Chris Johnson.

This week’s podcast opened a little roughly, with discussion of Nate’s sick pooch, Mike’s fuzzy connection and Daniel’s pet peeve that people on a podcast should not ask the host how they are doing (“Fine, thanks for asking. Fine thanks for asking.”) However we quickly got in the swing of things and jumped right into a discussion of Week Three of the NFL season.

Some highlights:

  • Referees are back after the Monday night debacle between the Seahawks and the Packers
  • Chris Johnson has been a HUGE letdown for the Titans
  • Bill Belichick is the Hooded Menace … Daniel thinks too much was made out of the coach’s grabbing the official after Sunday’s game, but Mike pointed out the league had a short fuse when it came to criticism of the replacement refs.
  • Russell Wilson might end up having the most successful season among the rookie Quarterback class
  • Vinny has been getting it done with a fantastic receiving corps, but with running backs whose names we just can’t remember.
  • Mike, Vinny and Daniel M. Feinberg went to Citi Field yesterday and saw R.A. Dickey win his 20th game. Plus, they saw Keith Hernandez Sans Mustache.
  • Brent and Jed are battling for the baseball championship in our Yahoo! Affiliate Boys of Summer league, while Mike is still leading in the CDM league.
  • We remembered NFL Films’ Steve Sabol, who died of brain cancer earlier this week. See the NFL Films commercial embedded below.

Here are our football standings after Week 3 …

Our baseball league:

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