Dirty Trix, Slash, Yahoo’s Relevance, Google Wallet

by Lisa Picarille on May 20, 2013

The co-hosts Lisa Picarille and Todd Farmer know that everything in the Crock Pot goes better with wine. So, we are pleased to announce that Todd’s fundraising (slash) Wine event was a huge success. The co-hosts also talked about the use of the terms slash, forward slash and back slash. It turns out that Todd is a little pedantic about misuse of the word back slash. In addition, Todd talked about his two new gigs – Affiliate Summit Ambassador and pool boy. You’ll get the visual during the podcast. If you haven’t poked your own eyes out from the images, then you might want to listen closely to our discussion of Google Glass.

Here are some of the other things Lisa and Todd chatted about:


Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

Trix Rabbit
trix rabbit only wanted cereal

Pillsbury Doughboy
dough boy

RetailMeNot and Google Wallet

Todd’s new gig

More Glassholes

For men, a full head of hair in your 80’s is rare

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