ClickBank Interview: Learn How to Make Money from Information Product Downloads (Free Podcast & Transcript)

by Scott Fox on January 25, 2012

Even with small niches you can make money by solving problems.

The most profitable niches are often those that you would not find in the Yellow Click Millionaires Radio podcasts

You can make money by packaging up the story behind an obstacle you’ve overcome, that little technique you worked out to make your own life or office run better, that problem you helped your family fix – those sorts of solutions are what other people are looking for online.

And with the connectivity of the web, Google can deliver all those wannabe problem-solvers directly to your product sales pages.

Learn Why Information Products are Easy to Create and Highly Profitable – Exclusive ClickBank Interview

As discussed in this podcast, one of the best ways to make money solving these kinds of problems is to create “information products” that encapsulate your ideas into easy-to-download ebooks, MP3 recordings, or videos.

Information products can be inexpensive to create and cost basically nothing to deliver through the Internet. Clickbank

For practical insights on digital download sales of information products, I interviewed Beau Blackwell from leading information product marketplace, ClickBank.

He’s their “Client Knowledge Guru” and he shares LOTS of useful (and inspiring) advice in this exclusive podcast.

Exclusive Click Millionaires Podcast Interview

Listen to this free podcast (or read the free transcript) for advice on:

– where to look for valuable business niches in your own life

– the most popular and cheapest ways to create information products

– the price points that most ClickBank customers prefer

– how one partnership new to online sales grossed over $1,000,000 in just two years

– the #1 lifestyle benefit that most info product entrepreneurs value most

and many more valuable money-making tips.

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