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Scott Fox Click Millionaires Success Show

Our latest Video Office Hours Google+ Hangout was fun…

(after we got past some technical difficulties anyway.)

With great internet startup business topics suggested by members like YOU, we covered lots of ground together, including:

  • How to find a good online lifestyle business niche
  • When “passion” is NOT what you’re looking for
  • How much to charge for consulting services
  • How to control AdSense ads (and block competitor ads)
  • How sparking off of others (including your customers) can make your business more fun and profitable
  • “Indoor” vs. “outdoor” lifestyle business activities
  • Recommended screen capture tools
  • Why it’s critical that you don’t succeed at the “wrong things”

And, of course, the latest updates on their April Challenge goals from around the world. Read the full article →

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The tradition of free lifestyle business entrepreneur advice continued in last week’s Video Office Hours webcast.

This podcast replay is an action-packed hour where Scott Fox welcomed members from all over the world – from Ohio, Wisconsin, British Columbia, Texas, Australia, etc.

Why were there more people than the Google+ Hangout could handle? 

Because we talked about really helpful, practical entrepreneurship topics like these: Read the full article →

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