Brent Musburger Loves Fantasy Sports Geeks, and You Should Too

by Eric Souza on January 8, 2013

After a holiday hiatus, we returned with a football season wrap-up. This is Episode 25 of Fantasy Sports Geeks, for you keeping score at home! This episode featured Wade Tonkin, Jill Swartwout, Daniel M. Clark and Eric C. Souza

Our Yahoo! Football League finished in fine fashion, with Wade’s Florida Lightning team edging Vinny O’Hare’s Fighting Falcons in the last game of the fantasy season. Seattle’s Golden Tate fittingly ended Vinny’s season – not with a disputed jump-ball, but instead a catch-and-run that caused Vinny to send Wade a tear-stained text message congratulating him on the win.

Here are the ending standings …


We discussed lots of things, including the upcoming Affiliate Summit, as well as sports topics.

A couple of fun things we covered … Brent Musberger’s fascination over Alabama QB AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb …

Eric also enjoyed the new Volkswagon commercial, with the father and son playing catch …

We are looking to start up a Hockey league as well, sine the NHL has decided to actually have a “season” … so the next podcast will likely be in a month or so with a Canadian bent!

Oh, and we can’t neglect to mention … JILL SWARTWOUT is our season-ending “Mighty Flacco” award winner! Congratulations Jill!

Joe Flacco Award

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