Blogging ABCs #16 – SEO Basic How To’s for Bloggers

by Deb Carney on May 5, 2011

SEO Tips for Bloggers

Blogging ABCs hosts Deborah Carney, Tricia Meyer, Vinny O’Hare, are joined by guest Eric Nagel to discuss the basics of SEO tactics for bloggers. Eric supplied us with an excellent outline below, but be sure to listen and not just read, there is excellent discussion on each of these bullet points, plus a ton of great stuff that came out within the discussion.

  1. Keyword research
    1. Take your idea, and think about how people are going to search for it
      1. “How to…”
      2. Google search suggestions
      3. AdWords tool
  2. Title Tag
    1. This should be your keyword. Don’t be cute here
    2. The title tag in WordPress is inside an H1 tag, which helps with on-site SEO
    3. WordPress SEO Plugin by Joost de Valk
      2. Allows you to set Title, Meta Description
        1. Meta Description is sometimes used for the snippet shown in organic search results
    4. No need to have your site name repeated in the title tag, unless your site brand is commonly searched for
  3. Permalinks
    1. Don’t use default of ?p=87
    2. Choose one of the options that has %postname% (either Day and name, or Month and name)
  4. Images
    1. Don’t hotlink images
    2. Use the Title, Alternate Text & Caption fields
    3. Name the image with your keyword
      1. ex: your-keyword-here.jpg
  5. Social Sharing
    1. Twitter button
    2. Facebook share button
      1. If you use Thesis & want to specify the Facebook thumbnail, read
        2. Twitter Official Instructions for Tweet Button
    3. Your social circle influences Google search results
  6. Sitemaps
    1. Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachhold
    2. Eric’s XML Image Sitemap Plugin
    3. Submit to Google Webmaster Tools
    4. Submit to Bing Webmaster Tools

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