Benefits of a Strong Defense, and Sexy Mommy discussion on Fantasy Sports Geeks #22

by Eric Souza on November 9, 2012

Episode 22 of Fantasy Sports Geeks was mainly a two-man show, with CoffeeNate (Nathan Smith) and ScotchEric (Eric Souza) discussing the happenings around the NFL. We had Brent on for a bit, but unfortunately technical issues made him drop off the call.

As a complete aside, I am writing this basking in a gorgeous Seattle sunset. Just a sliver of orange sun ices the treetops on the west of Puget Sound. It’s been a beautiful, crisp fall day. We’ve had bald eagles flying around our home, and it’s been pretty darn amazing.

Anyway! This episode is going to be posted without a whole lot of anecdotes … you’ll have to listen in to hear the brilliance. That means I was too lazy to take notes during the editing. A couple of items … it’s hard to make a trade in this league. It’s hard to trust certain players to be reliable starts. And Eric is getting ready to post his “” affiliate site again, after it was shut down for being too HOT.
Joe Flacco Award

We went through the teams and their performances, and also looked at our matchups for the upcoming weeks.

And no worries … there is still “The Mighty Flacco” Award for worst performance … again, taken by The Bald Beans!

Here are our standings and the Week 9 results …


Finally, we wanted to share this video that Jed (Dirty Money Allstars) posted on Facebook. Be careful, Jed … pride comes before a fall, my friend!!

Click here to listen to the rest of the series of this podcast.



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