Be a Better Podcaster #7 – Are We Still Podcasters?

by Daniel M. Clark on July 28, 2011

If you produce a live show, are you a podcaster? Or are you more?

I’m not so sure. Now that I’m doing all my QAQN shows live, I’ve started thinking about what I am. Am I still a podcaster? If a podcast is a non-streamed webcast, as defined by Wikipedia (a definition I agree with) then clearly doing my shows live isn’t podcasting. The shows are still available as podcasts after the fact – as evidenced by this very thing you’re reading right now. But am I a podcaster just because I release a show as a podcast that had been recorded live?

I’d love your opinion about this. Please head to the comments and chime in!

On the second segment, I decided to tie the show into today’s QAQN Live: Affiliate Summit Day after all – I wasn’t going to because I’d been planning on talking about the podcaster vs. broadcaster label topic, but I thought I’d throw a few things out there related to Summit anyway. Specifically, how I’m going to be producing shows while at Affiliate Summit East 2011 – I may not be bringing my full recording rig this time. Can an iPad and a Tascam DR-07 cut it? I just might find out.

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