Affiliate Buzz #314 – Affiliates Tyipcally Earn 30% Commission (and More) Promoting Software

by James Martell on November 26, 2013

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In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz (click here to subscribe), host James Martell welcomes guest James Nardell from, where he works as their Program Manager. The two discuss an exciting topic rarely discussed on the Affiliate Buzz, and that is “promoting software”.

Affiliates are always looking for hot market opportunities to represent as well as attentive, highly skilled affiliate managers. Today’s podcast introduces both! Tune in to hear the two men discuss how promoting software can earn you up to 30% commission – or more!

Why Promoting Software Is Good for Affiliates

You won’t want to miss hearing the answer to the question, “Why should we promote software?” James Martell admits that it is not something he has ever done with his own affiliate business. But even he agrees that it is something he perhaps should have been doing all along!

Listen to the two men talk about all the benefits of promoting software. While they discuss many more reasons than listed here, some of the arguments for promoting software the two men talk about include:

  • the reliability of promoting software as an affiliate venture
  • how geographic boundaries (or lack of them) affect promoting software
  • why promoting software appeals to a wide range of customers

James Martell agrees with every point his guest has for why affiliates should promote software. But how can you best market software? You might be surprised at what James Nardell has to say as his answer explores the different avenues regarding that!

The Best Software Program for Affiliates to Promote

Next the two men discuss a suite of products that James Nardell recommends for promoting software through affiliate programs. One program James Nardell recommends specifically is a system mechanic which takes care of things including:

  • extending the life of your PC or laptop computer
  • fixing registry problems or just cleaning up your PC
  • making your computer run faster
  • and more!

FREE PodcastThese things can be accomplished even if your computer is not state of the art. You can see why a program like this appeals to a wide range of consumers in today’s market!

Tune in to hear more about the program, including a link to its website, and why James Martell feels it is the perfect product to promote in every outlet – including YouTube!

The two wrap up the episode discussing new technology for promoting affiliate programs, including an Android app! James Nardell answers all of our host’s questions regarding the app, including how it works and how affiliates get paid while using it.

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