Affiliate Voices 26 with Pat Grady

by Greg_Hoffman on February 10, 2012

I can honestly say this is an exclusive, this guest doesn’t do interviews. Cindy and I talked with Pat Grady, the infamous Donuts from the ABestWeb glory days. Pat is one of those people in the industry that you “need to know” and if you don’t meet him at a conference such as Affiliate Summit, this podcast might be your only chance to hear his philosophy on affiliate marketing.

We had a great time talking and I actually took notes. He truly is inspirational to listen to. We have a special shout out to a previous guest on the podcast, so listen for the story about Rae Hoffman.

In this origins edition, you will learn the true meaning of his ABW handle, Donuts, and the meaning of his business name, RhinoFish Media. Pat is a very respected member of our affiliate community and a trusted resource. After listening, you will understand why. Pat doesn’t pull any punches and when he gives you advice, you know its the best possible solution to whatever the issue is. He is one of the hidden gurus grinding away everyday.

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