Affiliate Marketing Fanatics Episode 3: Twitter in a Tumblr with a splash of Gary Vaynerchuk

by Trisha Lyn Fawver on March 20, 2009

Affiliate Marketing Fanatics – A Publisher (Mike Buechele) and an Affiliate Manager  (Trisha Lyn Fawver) talk about all things Affiliate Marketing.  From blogging to branding, social media to search, video and more!

We’ve finally determined that the audio problems were due to Trisha’s headset this week as she stole the stand alone boom mic from her husband’s computer and the sound is excellent.  Third time’s the charm!  So now you won’t have to listen to a bad recording for our quality content!

We jumped around a bit today and covered a lot, so this episode is longer than the last two clocking in at about 40 minutes.  We talk a lot about Twitter and decided that we live most of our lives through Twitter.  We also give some shout outs at the end, as I promised last week.

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For the sake of driving the point home, Trisha talks more about the grass roots fight going on against California Assembly Bill 178, which is looking to do in California what the so-called Amazon Tax did in New York.  Here are some links she mentioned and some from the March 3rd episode of Affiliate Thing:

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