Affiliate Buzz #279 – Affiliate Management Days – West 2013

by James Martell on April 11, 2013

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James Martell host of the Affiliate Buzz, sits with special guest is Geno Prussakov. As a graduate of the University of Cambridge and an award-winning affiliate marketing expert and educator, Geno has contributed to the online marketing success of top brands such as Forbes, Skype, Nokia, Hallmark, Warner Music, and hundreds of small online businesses.

Geno has also authored two books on affiliate marketing, “A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing “, and “Affiliate Program Management an Hour a Day”, which have been used to train numerous people in the business, around the world.

James and Geno are speaking today on the Affiliate Management Days West 2013. This two-day event is being held in San Francisco, California on April 16th and 17th of this year, at the beautiful San Francisco Marriot Marquee.

If your company already has an affiliate program, manages programs for others, or perhaps you are just now considering entering the world of affiliate marketing management, this spectacular event should be a priority for you to attend to maximize your potential.

What was the Inspiration?

Geno talks about what was behind the inspiration for the Affiliate Management Days West 2013, and how there has always been a degree of deficit in educational material for affiliate managers, opportunities for niche professional networking, and there has never been a professional forum for affiliate managers to get together without the presence of affiliates.

He goes on to discuss why each of these areas are essential for anyone wanting to tap into this area in the field of affiliate marketing and how they can benefit those who attend.

Who should go?

Of course you might be wondering if you should go to the Affiliate Management Days West 2013, or who you might see if you attend. James and Geno talk about how this major event can benefit many different people, with various roles to play in the field.

Take a look at who they recommend attend:

  • Affiliate managers
  • Merchants
  • Online advertisers
  • Digital marketing practitioners
  • Tools and service providers

Along with those mentioned above, they also encourage anyone who wants to enter the field of affiliate marketing management.

What to Expect?

The Layout of the event offers breakout sessions, with special key speakers such as David Adler, Scott Allen, Mike Allen, Tim Ash, Hunter Boyle, Sarah Bundy, Todd Crawford, Declan Dunn, and many, many more speakers who will share their experiences, ideas, and advice.

Geno shares how they went about lining up their speakers for this event, and why he believes they offer a lot of value to anyone who attends this information-packed event. He also talks on the important topics that is on the agenda and why they need to be addressed.

Listen in now to hear what a great value this in-demand event is and how it can benefit your career significantly. Plus, learn how Affiliate Buzz listeners can get an early bird discount. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, and tune in now to find out more about it!

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