Affiliate Buzz #332 – Google Plus Hangouts to Create High Quality Top End Content and Brand Optimization

by James Martell on April 24, 2014

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Do you use Google Plus Hangouts for business? Are your customers aware of your online presence? If you haven’t considered all the tools available at your disposal, then you might not be optimizing your brand to its full potential.

Social networking is a huge influence on how we use the internet. Businesses that use tools like video chatting enjoy more traffic to their website and higher revenues. Does this describe how your business uses social networking?

If you’re interested in how to add content and optimize your brand then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of The Affiliate Buzz where your host James Martell interviews Bonnie Sainsbury, ‎Founder and Online Marketing Consultant at Social Media Smarter about Google Plus Hangouts to create high quality top end content and brand optimization.

For many internet users, Google Plus Hangouts are the first choice in video communication. Forbes describes the service as “a video chat service where an unlimited number of people can join your conference. For free.” This interview is a chance to learn how to use Google Hangouts to promote your business.

How to Use Social Media for Online Success

The episode kicks off with Bonnie sharing a bit about her background. With more than three decades’ of industry experience, she’s no stranger to new technologies and finding out how useful they are in regards to productivity.

Next Bonnie shares her perspective on social media and what she looks at to make changes to her own website. James chimes in why this perspective is vital to online success, and takes the chance to remind why you should adopt this same attitude.

If you’re not sure how to tweak your website based on social media, then you risk losing both traffic and revenue.

What the Different Types of Google Plus Hangouts Are

Communicating is important, but if you’ve never used Google Hangouts then you could be limiting your abilities. During the podcast Bonnie explains more about communicating via Google Plus and answers these questions:

  • Can you tell me what Google Plus Hangouts are?
  • How can I brand the Hangout for my business?
  • What are live Hangouts and how can I join one?
  • How are other people using Google Plus Hangouts?

Now ask yourself two questions. Do you want an alternative to email for communicating with a remote team? Would you like to host a Hangout to introduce a featured guest? If you answered “Yes” to either, then it’s time to learn all the benefits of Google Plus Hangouts for your business.

How to Set Up a Google Hangout to Promote Your Brand

Next Bonnie explains how to use Google Plus Hangouts for video conferencing. She shares examples from her own experiences with using the feature, and offers advice to help others use this to promote their own business.

Bonnie explains the specific steps you need to take to set up a Google Plus Hangout of your own. Businesses that take advantage of these types of resources are able to create new content for their website that brings in more traffic which increases the potential for more revenue.

The internet is an ever-changing environment. Your competition is using these tools to help optimize their brand. Why aren’t you doing the same?

The episode wraps up with Bonnie explaining the resources you need to carry out for using Google Plus Hangouts to promote your business, including the type of hardware, internet connection, and more.

What Could Google Plus Hangouts Do for Your Business?

Are you always looking for new ways to add content to your business website? Do you want to know how you can use Google Plus Hangouts to optimize your brand? Listen to the entire podcast now.

Then if you have questions or your own personal experiences about Google Plus Hangouts, share them in the space below. We’d love to discuss this innovative communication tool with you.

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