Affiliate Buzz #326 – How to Get (and Stay Organized)

by James Martell on March 13, 2014

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In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene Martell talk at length about the importance of getting and staying organize and share some tools of their trade including RoboForm, Skype and products for managing projects and workflow including Google Drive and BaseCamp.

With all the passwords and solutions for handling, storing, and sharing files, and other things vital for those wanting to succeed online it is easy to become overwhelmed. Even listeners with a good sense of organization can benefit from the tips in this podcast.

Staying Afloat When Drowning in a Disorganized Schedule

James and Arlene know the importance of organization because they always have multiple projects going at once. They are no strangers to the challenges this presents and are always looking for the best ways to stay organized as the activity level of their schedules ebb and flow. During the podcast they discuss:

  • some ways to get out from behind your desk
  • managing your passcodes for multiple sites
  • organizing how you communicate with others

Then Arlene shares the benefit of using online communications for sending messages back and forth, including 3-way calls. She shares that although she was hesitant to begin using the popular online tool, now she does not know what she would do without it.

Tips for Managing Projects and Workflow

The conversation then discusses the best ways to manage multiple projects. At any one time, James and Arlene have anywhere between 25 and 30 open projects in Elance, the site they use to outsource work to freelancers. Managing projects and workflow has to happen. James and Arlene have tried a few ways, but here’s what works for them now:

  • Basecamp ( a project management tool that, for a monthly fee, can organize several projects at a time while allowing different members of your team to access and comment on the status of each one. James adds that it offers a 60-day free trial.
  • Google Drive ( offers the ability to share files with only the people who need them. Formerly called Google Documents, despite the good capabilities it does not offer the ability to alert team members to new messages about a file. This service is free with a Google account.
  • DropBox ( provides free accounts for file sharing. After files are uploaded, the service provides a link that can be shared in email or instant messages, allowing other users to download the file as well.

James goes on to point out that he and Arlene are always being sent files that could fall into any number of category, such as audio, video, or text. Many of these files they only use once. James offers tips for where to store these on your computer to organize and manage them.

The tips in this 30-minute episode will help you become more organized and improve how you manage projects and workflow for your business. If you have questions, comments, or tips of your own to share, we welcome them in the comments section below.

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