Affiliate Buzz #321 – Growth of Internet and Social Media: Notable Online Stats for 2013 – Part #1

by James Martell on December 27, 2013

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In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene Martell discuss the growth of internet and social media, including how well social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter performed over the past twelve months.

James and Arlene also look back at the Notable Online Stats for 2013. This week they discuss Facebook and YouTube, and in an upcoming episode they will discuss some other internet giants as it relates to growth. As James points out, it all trickles down to those working in the affiliate marketing industry.

A Look Back at Stats

The episode kicks off with Arlene sharing her reaction to the stats when James shared them with her. The growth of the internet is a popular industry topic, and this episode looks at it by taking a look at how far it’s come in the past year.

The stats that James shares comes from reliable sources like TechCrunch and cover everything from online Black Friday sales to how much of online traffic originated from mobile sources. Some of the other stat-related items they discuss include:

  • why people are doing more shopping online than at the mall
  • the reasons behind mobile being a first choice for internet use
  • some of the ways that marketers can take advantage of Facebook

James points out that while Facebook might seem like an everyday activity, it is a potential advertising tool that many marketers overlook. He shares a prime example based on his experiences with small businesses in his own local area, as well as the percent that usage increased during 2013.

How Facebook Is Dominating the Internet

Arlene shares that she was not a Facebook user until one major event changed her life forever. During this episode she reveals everything she loves about Facebook and how much time she averages on the social media giant per day. Meanwhile James looks at that same information from an internet marketing standpoint, including:

  • an average of how many people log into Facebook each day currently
  • the amount of business pages created on Facebook in 2013
  • the average number of photos that Facebook users upload every day
  • and more!

Then the conversation turns to some surprising stats about YouTube, which James lists among his favorite websites. He shares how many hours of videos were watched in just one month in 2013, what type of audience watches the most videos, and where YouTube stacks up against other search engines. Arlene adds a good point about why YouTube and Facebook are often linked together.

Finally James describes other ways that people share YouTube videos. As he points out, interactive content that encourage people to share is a great way to boost your website traffic. Tune in now to listen to all the information packed into this 30-minute episode and how it looks from an affiliate marketing perspective.

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