Affiliate Buzz #256 – *New* Backlinks Workshop – Panda and Penguin

by James Martell on June 28, 2012

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Every webmaster is experiencing the stress of the ongoing Google algorithm updates especially with the ups and downs of the Panda and Penguin updates. But with every update comes a chance to improve your strategies in online promotion. That is exactly what James and Arlene discuss during tonight’s Affiliate Buzz as they talk about their upcoming Backlinks Workshop.

To kick off this edition of the Buzz James walks you through the two prong approach of getting natural search results beginning with an up close look at the content on your personal websites. The importance of adding regular fresh content to your site hasn’t lost value and James emphasizes the importance of setting a set schedule of regular content as one half of your efforts.

Then you’ll hear about the challenges and benefits of coordinating an efficient guest blogging campaign to obtain needed backlinks that Google relies on to determine where your site will rank in the results. But coordinating that campaign has come with new challenges as the ongoing popularity of guest blogging has topped the charts in website promotion.

James and Arlene shares tips and strategies they have learned with their guest blogging efforts in staying in the lead and finding success as they outline the new Backlinks Workshop that has been carefully crafted around the new algorithms impacting every website today.

Covered in this edition:

  • New and updated Backlinks Workshop
  • What it takes to rank in today’s search engine world
  • Effective SEO efforts

If you’re worried about staying ahead of the constant updates you don’t want to miss this edition of the Affiliate Buzz. Listen in to learn more about the strategies James uses with his PAD campaign and how to participate in the new updated Backlinks Workshop.

And if you are…

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