Affiliate ABCs #3 – Getting Started Using Twitter Part 1

by Deb Carney on February 5, 2009

Affiliate ABCs #3 is focused on how to get started using Twitter, a popular messaging platform that is being referred to as microblogging. Some people object to that classification, and Twitter itself has a prompt above the message box that says “What are you doing”. It started as a way for people to succinctly state what they are doing at any given moment. You have 140 character limit to say what you are doing. Some people took this literally and would post things like “going to the bathroom” or other nonsense that really no one does want to hear.

The intelligent folks that were introduced to Twitter started using it to say what they were currently doing in a different way: “I just made a blog post about my new coffeemaker and I’m enjoying a cup of Breakfast Blend right now. Here’s the link.” or “I’m @asw09 listening to @skydiver and @jimkukral talk about pitching your press release to newspapers and bloggers.” Now people are realizing that “What are you doing” isn’t about what you are eating or what you are doing that no one cares about, but what you are doing that relates to your business and personal life that people would want to know about.

We’ll get into more advanced ways to use Twitter as we go along, but for now, here is our podcast about getting started, setting up an account, making sure you have a profile and avatar, determining your audience, and finding people to follow you. We touch on the mechanics of setting up an account and starting to interact to determine how you can best use twitter. As always, feel free to post questions below or in our ABCs Plus Forum.

Your hosts for this show are Vinny and Debbie Carney a.k.a Loxly. Our main twitter accounts are:

Here is the account we set up during the podcast so you can follow along as it grows:

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