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May 2013

Notes from SFIMA Pubcon 2013 Summit

by Jonathan Goodman on May 27, 2013

Welcome to the World of Internet Marketing. My name is Jonathan Goodman. I’m the president of Halyard Consulting. Today we’re going to talk about the recent conference I attended, the SFIMA Pubcon 2013 Summit. The people down in south Florida seem to call SFIMA “sfima,” which I think is a more difficult word to say than SFIMA, but we’ll leave that at that. I just got back. I went to Florida Sunday and then the event was on Tuesday. I was speaking there about Schema, and it was a good conference. It was well attended, though a smaller conference than what I might have liked to have gone to. I do like to talk at the larger conferences, but this was a great way for me to get in with the Pubcon crowd. I’d really love to speak at the Pubcon Las Vegas in October. If you hear my throat is a little raspy, I am dealing with a cold. I absolutely am dedicated to doing this podcast regardless of how I feel, so I’m going to carry on.

English: SFIMA Logo English: SFIMA Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The conference was very good. I think the two main points I want to talk about are a presentation by Dennis Yu from his company, which is called BlitzMetrics, and a presentation that was given by Michael King of I Pull Rank. That’s his company’s name. This one is titled “Scaling Quality: How to Make Remarkable Content at Scale for Marketing Success.” His slides are on It’s a nicely, well-designed presentation. I always follow the letter of the law when these conferences come through. They say what they want all the presentations to look like, so mine came off looking very basic compared to what Mr. King has done. His was flashy. It looked great. Some of the visual images had models in them. It was a very cool presentation.

So he was talking about content and where content marketing has gone when compared to paid search. And it’s really grown exponentially. I’m just going to read you a couple of things. “Ownership Benefits: Once you’ve built your audience, your ROI goes up since you no longer have to pay rent to the media.” What he’s talking about there is that with paid search, you’re constantly feeding the till. It’s almost like a slot machine in Las Vegas. You’re hoping to get somebody to come through and not only come to the site, but then convert that and have somebody read the content, move through and actually take an action, whether that action is making a purchase or completing a form. When you compare that to the power of writing content, it’s always going to be there. While many of us are now doing Google searches with the year, month and date in it, there is good information still to be had in years gone by. If I do a search for a changes to algorithm, I would put in “2013” as part of the search just so that I get the most recent data in the search. But some of the 2012, 2011 articles are still going to be viable. So that’s the power of content marketing. Read the full article →

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