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May 2012

This week on the Affiliate Thing podcast, Shawn Collins and special guest co-host Wade Tonkin recap talk about ShareASale ThinkTank 2012, optimizing YouTube videos, and self described “social media/PR professional” Ane Howard maligning affiliate marketers.

Ane Howard declines an invite

They also talked about affiliates promoting sports merchandise, the rise of Shareist, Cory Booker in the news, and big money being raised to fight breast cancer. Read the full article →

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In this uncharacteristically long episode we talk about the good, the bad and the fun about Affiliate Summit Central 2012 and Shareasale Think Tank 2012. Affiliate ABCs hosts Vinny O’Hare and Deborah Carney discuss what they experienced during what Debbie fondly calls “Conference Week 2012”. Two conferences that are normally not at the same time, one smaller than normal and one that is always more intimate. We had a great time, productive with fun time built in.

Affiliate Summit is traditionally a large conference, they tried out a smaller, local conference, which I found very beneficial. Less sessions, more focus, easy to meet new people. The full conferences still have a huge place in the industry but I can see these smaller ones having a place also, like the Affiliate Summit local meetups. Read the full article →

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