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March 2012

Affiliate Voices Podcast with Kellie Stevens

by Greg_Hoffman on March 29, 2012

Cindy and Greg follow up the last big podcast with another affiliate industry icon, Kellie Stevens. Kellie runs and is an award winning advocate for affiliates. Merchants rely on Kellie and her expert advice to clean up their affiliate programs and make sure everyone has an equal chance to earn commissions on sales from customers they originate. She doesn’t focus on the technology as much as she focuses on the behavior of the affiliates in the program.

I have heard first hand testimonials for years about how thorough Kellie is in her investigations so we thought it was time to learn more about her and her thoughts on affiliate marketing today. This is a great interview where we peel back some layers and get into some details about the competitive marketplace in our industry.

Cindy and Greg also talk about some new clients, including and

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In which Daniel, Drew and Greg discuss video games for young kids, pro wrestling for grown-ups, the Walking Dead for mature audiences and Twilight for repressed housewives. Oh, and something about some movie called Hunger Games, which is for pretty much anyone.

We started off with a segment about kid video games and how they can be beneficial to a child’s development. No, we’re not saying they should sit in front of a screen all day, but we each have experience with smart kids that have been using technology and video games in educational ways.

Next, pro wrestling! Greg attended a WWE Monday Night Raw event last night! The last time I had any interest in pro wrestling was when the Jimmy “Superfly” SnukaJunkyard Dog and Hillbilly Jim were in the ring. Greg spent the better part of six hours at the event though, and had an awesome time. There’s something about attending events like that as an adult that brings back memories of being a kid. Pretty cool. Not sure I’d drop the money on a ticket any time soon, but who knows. Read the full article →

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