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February 2012

This week on the Challenge is Jared Saunders of JensonUSA and me, Daniel M. Clark. We’re talking about the progress of our current challenge, the stress of everyday life and work, and getting off caffeine.

Last week, three challenges were issued. Jen Myers Ward (on vacation this week), Jared Saunders and I all had clearly defined challenges to keep up with. Today on the show, Jared and I gave our updates and expanded on the successes and failures related to them. Jared’s challenge was to stay away from restaurants and ice cream, and he failed one time each in the past week. He did keep up with his exercises though, which was a part of the challenge as well. Me, on the other hand… well, I’m the cause of the title of the show this week. I won’t spoil it here. My challenge was to stay away from restaurants and drink no soda. I’m off the soda successfully, but the restaurants… that’s a whole ‘nother story.

There’s a lot of great discussion here about diet, caffeine, coffee and exercise – thanks for listening!

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SEMcast #23 – Video Marketing Ideas

by Kelly Gillease on February 29, 2012

In SEMcast #23 Kelly offers up lots of ideas for getting started with video marketing or better marketing videos you may already have. As referenced in the podcast, here’s a link to Search Engine Land’s Video Search column.

Follow Kelly on twitter or check out her blog on in -house search engine marketing.

Send in your search engine marketing questions via a tweet, a blog comment, a youtube link or a good old fashioned email and they will be answered in a future show!

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